The GateWay To Freedom, More Family Time And Godly Purpose
7 Second Commute
How to answer the call of God upon your life, get the hell out of Egypt, Race through the desert, and into the Promise Land
You don’t have to live in pain. Life doesn’t have to be shit. Waking up everyday living someone else's dreams, while yours have been delayed so much it almost hurts to think of them.

Busting your ass to make a buck and have nothing. No time to enjoy the people and things you love. A slave to the system.

What if all the things you're passionate about, the things you love so much that you could do everyday without feeling like work were really placed inside of you by GOD?

And it’s all related to PURPOSE that He has called you to since before the stars were created? He wants to DREAM God sized dreams through YOU.

I believe that with all of my heart.

So much so that I left everything, my career, everything I knew, because God said He had something that did not even compare the life I was living.

Peace of mind, passion, excitement, the hope that love does exist and that maybe, just maybe, I could experience that -in His goodness.

3500 miles later… after jumping off the boat and diving deep, I can say ...GOD IS FAITHFUL.

There is a better way. His way. 

Dude, as you seek Him, He brings healing to every area of the hidden heart, He gives hope and brings life, and He is so intoxicating, You just want more.

There is so much hope. I love you.

I want you to experience everything i've felt. 
So many years of tears, and fasting, and prayers for you, because you ARE WORTH IT.  

I have found a treasure so precious in Jesus, it is my heart for you to experience this, because to live life, without Holy Spirit, it is the greatest tragedy in life. 

Come taste life. True life found in God alone. You need this.
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